Friday, December 31, 2010

Never Made it Out of the Box!

The Shake 'n Go Thomas

This is the most annoying toy I have ever met. The Shake 'n Go Thomas is supposed to talk and move after you shake it. Cute concept except that it's deafeningly loud and starts up whenever someone breathes within 10 feet of it.  
God bless my in-laws who delivered the toy for person who will remain unnamed.  They drove over 3 hours on Christmas Eve with the thing going off nonstop in the trunk.  I knew it was trouble as soon as the gift bag crossed the threshold, and I would have returned it immediately if I had realized we were getting a blizzard and would be stuck in the house with it until Wednesday!
While I was standing in the ridiculously long return line (I had other things to return at Kohls- I would certainly not wait just to spare this toy from the trash.), I got mixed looks of pity and hatred from the people stuck in line with me because this toy would not shut up.  I exaggerated how carefully I was moving the bag, but it did not stop going the ENTIRE 45 MINUTES I WAS ON LINE!  (Just realized I should have looked to see what kind of batteries it came with because they were awesome.)
Good riddance Shake 'n Go Thomas!


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