Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy With our Baby Trend Double Sit & Stand!

I've been putting off this post because I didn't want to rush it, but we are three months in now, and it is safe to say that we love our double stroller!  It handled great on the snowy sidewalks this morning, so I knew it was time to post this.
I'm not going to torture my kids with a cold, snowy photo shoot (and I'm not carrying it in the house.  It's light for a double stroller, but it's still too heavy to carry around for no real reason), so I dug up these pics from Halloween.

I LOVE that the baby doesn't have to be in the front.  Because the back seat is higher,
I can reach into his carrier while walking without bending at all.

1- It is narrow (actually narrower than JD's single stroller) and light compared to other doubles.  Eventually I may want to get a side-by-side jogger, but I love that I can fit through any door or narrow store aisle with this stroller!
2- My Graco infant carrier fits in either seat.  Right now, I like it in the higher seat closer to me, but someday it will be nice to put Baby O in the lower seat facing JD so they can look at each other.  Or I can keep it in the back so JD doesn't kick the back of his seat- let's be real.
3- When JD is older, the back seat can be removed to convert it into a regular Sit & Stand, so hopefully we will get many, many years of use out of it.  And if we don't, it was under $200, so I won't feel too bad.
4- There really is a lot of space.  I saw negative reviews about the leg space in the back seat, but I haven't seen a tandem double with more.  It seems pretty generous to me.  Any more leg room, and it would be longer, which would be a bigger negative.  Now that Baby O is in the infant carrier, it is super easy to get to the huge storage basket underneath, and I also use the step to hold things when I'm shopping.  There is a covered storage compartment and two cup holders on the handle and cup holders on each seat's snack tray.
5- The fabric is easy to clean.  JD loves to eat and is a bit of a slob, so this was very important factor for me.
6- I don't even remember putting it together, which means it must have been easy to put together.  I'm pretty sure it came mostly assembled except for the wheels and snack trays.
7- It folds easily with one hand as long as the front wheels are straight.
8- When we tighten up the 5-point harness, JD can't climb out.  Super bonus since he twisted around in his old stroller all the time!

1- It folds up surprisingly flat, but long. In order for it to fit in the trunk of my Nissan Altima, we have to take the canopy off the front seat.  I leave it in the trunk and snap it in when we need the shade.  
2- The wheels don't have "real" tires.  This worried my hubby, but so far I haven't even noticed.  It handles turns very well, and I haven't had a problem pushing it- even through snow.
3- I miss having a stroller that reclined all the way for naps, but this reclines just enough for JD to sleep!


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