Saturday, January 22, 2011

My 3rd Week in Droid Photos

Looking back at this week makes me very anxious for spring so we can get out of the house and do something more interesting than My Gym and shopping trips.  It wasn't the most action packed week, but here it is!

Baby O was baptized, and we had 40 family and friends back to the house after.  It was a crazy and incredibly fun day.  We are so blessed to have such awesome people in our lives!



Hangin' with Mom on the couch
JD went on the potty for the first time!


The BEST thing about having a party at your house is the leftover cake!
JD went to My Gym 4 times this week, and I only got to go to my own gym twice.
We made a lot of messes today.

Damn leaky sippy cup.

After we destroyed the house, we went to My Gym.

JD is getting braver and braver!

We went diaper shopping & JD got a new Duplo set.

And Baby O got a Crawl-Along Snail to look at during tummy time.

We went to a Chinese auction that night.  We were pretty disappointed with the crappy prize selection.  

Hubby won Trivial Pursuit & I won Shrek 2!  woohooo!  When we got home, we realized the game was totally USED!

Another snowy day! I got my car cleaned off, kids fed and dressed, and out the door on time!  We spent an hour at My Gym and then headed to story time at the library. After we found out it was cancelled (sissy librarian didn't make it in), we met some friends for breakfast at Panera. Yum!

After naps, the boys were playing peacefully in the living room.
I took this pic of JD playing with his new blocks...
...and then found O like this!  He rolled!  (It wasn't the first time, but he did a few times today, so now he's officially a roller!)
JD helped Daddy shovel.

Today was ffffffffreezing, so we stayed toasty inside in our PJs.  

We hope you had a great week!  Link up and share it!


  1. We totally have that Gymboree romper with the raccoon on it! I wish we had a My Gym to escape to - there's a place called Stay & Play but it's a 30 minute drive and I am too L A Z Y to go.

  2. looks like a great week :) congrats on the baptism owen, & the potty JD. that's big time stuff!

  3. That last photo of the two of them is way too cute. Seriously - my ovaries hurt now.

  4. awww, they are so cute! how far apart in age are they? I agree with Randalin... the pic on the bottom is afreakingdorable.

  5. Thanks everyone! Sara, they are 15 months apart. Crazy right now, but hopefully they'll be bff :)

  6. OMG - Pint sized snow shovel! We totally need to get our O one. He SCREAMS to use the big shovel, and we only have one, so shoveling takes for-ever.

    And he's totally getting a rake in the fall.


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