Monday, January 3, 2011

This Bed is Juuuuuust Right

We were scared.  We wanted to be prepared.  We have a lot of beds for babies.  

When my hubby and I were gearing up for life with two under two, we set out to simplify life at home.  Knowing that I was having a winter baby and would be stuck inside more than I was with JD, I envisioned losing my mind.  I feared that we would be struck in one part of the house with the new baby and JD would just bounce off the walls.  To break up the days, I set up a few different areas to hang out in that have everything a baby needs: my boobs, clean diapers, and at least one cozy place to plop down for a nap.  

In the living room, we have the Moses basket and a swing.

baby bedbaby bed

In the playroom, we have a portable crib.

When we play in JD's room, he shares the monster bean bag.

baby bed

In our bedroom, another portable crib.

baby bed

In this room, we also have to count our bed, where he ends up most nights, and good sleep spots like on top of dad.

baby bed

I can't forget the crib in Baby O's nursery, which for most of his life has been covered with a sheet to keep out the dust.  That's how much he loves it.  Figures, since it's one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the whole darn house.

baby bed

Another favorite is the bouncy seat, which accommodates sleeping in the dining room and bathroom.  Mobile sleep is accomplished in Maya sling and Moby wrap.

But his favorite place to sleep...


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