Sunday, January 2, 2011

Every Mom Needs Flip Video!

I used to call myself a scrapbooker.  And I have a dozen beautiful, painstakingly created books from before JD was born.  Before Baby O was born, I had a fear that I would never catch up enough to have a book for him, so I hired a mother's helper, spent many, many hours scrapping away, and caught up to somewhere around JD's first birthday.  It was a major accomplishment.
Now I have become a videographer.  I have found it much more fun creating mini movies of our memories- not to mention I don't need a desk full of markers, stickers, brads, stamps, hole punchers, and scissors in every design possible.  Also, I don't drive hubby crazy by saving every scrap of ticket stub, program, map, matchbook, etc. from our outings.
We started a couple years ago with the original Flip, and for my birthday last year, my hubby upgraded me to the Flip Ultra HD.  It comes with editing software, but I prefer using iMovie on my Mac.  I use my Flip many times a day because it is small enough to fit in my sweatshirt pocket or throw in the diaper bag if I get out of the house.
Not only can I preserve memories like JD's first attempt at solid food,
I can also capture moments for hubby when he is traveling for work

and funny videos about poop.

You can see more of our home movies here.

Please feel free to comment with links to your favorite videos.  I love getting editing ideas from others!


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