Friday, February 11, 2011

Announcement...March is Travel Month at TryItMom!

We are counting the days until our big California adventure, and TryItMom will be full of travel-related goodies for the entire month of March!  I am looking for guest posts to fill in the void while we are traveling, so please email me at or DM me @TryItMom for details if you have a travel-related post (or an idea for one)!

JD hasn't been on a plane in almost a year.  This makes me nervous!

I am also hoping there are readers out there with tips for family-friendly things to do along our journey! As you can see, it's a pretty random, but well-rounded, family vaca!  

Day 1- Arrive in San Diego late morning and hang out by the beach .

Day 2- San Diego Zoo, then drive 100 miles to at Disneyland Hotel for character dinner.

Day 3- Disneyland.

Day 4- Character breakfast, hangout at hotel until checkout, then drive 30 miles to Los Angeles (I hear this can take all day- haha). Go to LA farmer's market for dinner.

Day 5- Cheesy, touristy Hollywood stuff.

Day 6- Relax and drive 230 miles (if that is possible) to stay outside of Sequoia National Park.

Day 7-Tour Sequoia National Park. Drive 170 miles to stay near Yosemite National Park.

Day 8- Tour Yosemite National Park. Drive 200 miles to San Francisco.

Day 9- Hangout in San Francisco and visit Exploratorium.

Day 10- Hang out in San Fran until flight home.

Any tips out there? 


  1. Wow that's a lot of driving! How does JD do in the car? Disneyland is very doable at the toddler age if you either get there early or are able to stay late and can manage to have them nap somehow in between. We actually were there from open to close because we let her nap and it was a holiday but it was manageable because of that. The rides are scary for them tho...stick with the Mickey Town area and It's a Small World, etc.
    As for Yosemite, I did that with no children so I don't have any advice on that. But driving to San Fran...that's like driving several East Coast states. The distances are huge!
    Are you staying with family or in hotels?

  2. @J Sweet Thanks! Thankfully JD has been good in the car! We've broken up the driving as much as we can, but I'm sure hubby will be complaining about it as we go! There's just so much to see and so little time! We went to Disney World when JD was 8 mo and stayed all day- JD slept freakishly well in the bjorn- and he actually did all the rides that I did (no roller coasters for me bc I was preggo) I'm sure that will all be different now though, and having 2 kids with us will be dramatically different than one- and the last time we had my parents helping!
    I'm trying to go into it all with low expectations! Oh- and we are staying in hotels- using all our credit cards points and staying in nice places :)


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