Saturday, February 12, 2011

My 5th Week in Droid Pics

This week we were in survival mode, so there aren't as many pictures, but we did have a busy week!


Hubby left for Boston.
We watched our new Elmo potty video.  I must add there has been no increase in interest in the potty since viewing.


I found the sippy cups that I wrote about here on clearance at Marshalls! Score!
This is what I saw after we walked all over the shopping center.  Of course after I realized he was missing a shoe, every single person we passed stopped to tell me.  After retracing our steps, I learned we had walked over a half hour with NOBODY telling us.

O had his 3 month well visit, and after learning that he needs a sonogram of his head, this is how he felt.  Off to Grandma's we went!
Later that night we found O sleeping on his belly (which is totally cool since he rolled that way on his own)!

We had a great morning at Safari Adventure!

We passed some time feeding the fish at Atlantis Marine World. (Yes, those are slimy, little dead fish.)


Daddy's home!

"You look familiar."

Mommy morning off = mani & pedi

Hubby took us all out to lunch :)

O slept through it- just like he did Safari Adventure, the aquarium... if only he slept through the night.
Did you take phone pics this week? Post them and link up!  Grab the code from Amy here


  1. Little Evan is in love with that Tuesday photo of Baby O. He keeps pointing and going "Baybee! Baybee! Haaaai!!"

  2. first off, friday pics of daddy coming home... too cute. you have an adorable family!!!

    secondly, soooooooooo jealous of your mani and pedi... I'm so overdue!!!!!

    oh and p.s. everything ok with baby o's head?

  3. I can't believe survival mode in your world means taking two little one's to Safari Adventure!!! You're amazing! Glad to see you took some time for yourself when Dad returned :)

  4. @sara sparkles
    Thanks :) Sara, we still need to go for the sonogram. I wasn't attempting that without hubby. Basically O's head is growing a little too quickly. It was 10th percentile when he was born (and my lady parts thanked him), and now it is in the 75th. JD has a big head, and O is reaching all of his milestones (some of them early), so the doctor isn't concerned, but better safe than sorry. And it is easier to get a picture of the brain when his soft spot is at it's biggest.

  5. That picture of your son with the Elmo potty video looks exactly like the back of my daughter's head. That's really random, but they are pretty much identical.

  6. ummmm, you just made me realize how badly i want a mani/pedi. it's been far too long. and actually? i appreciate the reminder... i'm gonna make it happen now!


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