Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorite: Gymboree Bubbles!

My reader has been full of bubbles, and it feels like spring, so here is my favorite :)

We first saw these bubbles in a mommy & baby yoga class, and I drove right over to Gymboree to get them.  One little blow sends up tons of tiny, little, sugar-based bubbles.  It's awesome  :)

tiny bubbles... make me happy :)

I was planning to mop the floor anyway.

One of the few times he actually put the right end to his mouth.

Only JD can get it to make big bubbles.  It must be his drool mixed with the bubble juice  :)

Ava wants to play, too!


  1. I love those! They have them in our Rock a Baby class and Jackson loves them. They sell them in the Gymboree clothing store?

  2. BTW, your blog looks great! I usually read it in my reader so I haven't visited in a while :)

  3. @JoannaThat's so sweet! Thanks so much :) And yes, they sell them in the store!

  4. Cute! Bubbles are such a great source of cheap, clean fun!

  5. Fun fun!! I love watching children play with bubble, they get SO excited :)

  6. So fun! Isn't it funny that only the baby can figure out how to make the big bubbles!

  7. Bubbles are the best, and it's good you were planning to mop any way. Thanks for sharing and linking up this week!

    By the way, your dog looks like my childhood dog. So sweet!


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