Saturday, February 19, 2011

My 6th Week in Droid Pics

I am really enjoying this project, because it is reminding me to take pics of the little everyday things.  And someday, those will be the moments that I want to remember.  I feel like these random daily pics really capture the personality of my boys and this time in our lives.  I had a tough time choosing pics for this week, so I included way too many. 


New way to watch Elmo = standing on the table.

I don't like the white ones.
Valentine's Day!

We went to ihop, and JD (and daddy) totally enjoyed his smiley pancake :)

We have a hair theme for this day.

My baby girl was groomed.

My I-spent-nap-time-reading-blogs-instead-of-showering hair secret = hot rollers & dry shampoo.

There is no secret for this hair!

No hair here! Just a yummy, low-fat, cholesterol-free strawberry apple crumble.

JD now wants to be a cashier when he grows up.
I am officially a SAHM until Sept. 1, 2012!

O stayed up late, so he got to watch us do our Kenpo X.

We went for a walk.
We cooked up some super healthy mushroom turkey burgers, and even JD cleaned his plate! (Hubby rolled his plate up into a tortilla and covered it in tobasco, so I don't know if he is sold on this healthy diet yet.)

O attempting Yoga X.
We are watching my parents' dog while they are on vacation.  It's going to be a crazy week!

JD is very entertained by them.

"Hey! That's my pillow!"

The pups were not as excited about playing house as JD was.

Did you take phone pics this week? Head over to Amy's and link up!


  1. Ok, first of all - love the colour of your living room walls. Second - strawberry apple crumble? Yummmm. Oh, and third - JD's hair rocks.

  2. i am totally getting me some dry shampoo! and hooray for being a sahm!! enjoy it :) (duh, you will).


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