Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Developing a Baby Carrier Obsession

It all started with the Bjorn. We registered for one because everyone registers for one. Hubby likes it, but it hurt my back and shoulders. Plus I didn't like the whole "hanging from the groin" thing, so I didn't let hubby carry JD that way for any significant amount of time. The only time we really used it for longer than 15 minutes was in Disney.

Look how excited he is!
We didn't bring a stroller, which I strongly recommend for Disney, and the bjorn made going on rides (and waiting on lines) bearable.

He rode the tea cups in it.

He napped in it.

He fell asleep for the night in it.

He did NOT meet Mickey in it.  We didn't want you to think he was banished to it all day!
Around that time, I was also getting into my Maya Wrap, and I wrote about it here.  

We walked all over Tampa in it.

Now with Baby O, I am expanding!  Right after he was born, I fell in love with the Moby.  

I started this post trying to take pics of myself- it didn't last long.

The only down side of this is that is is CONSTANTLY in the wash.  He spits up at least once every time he is in it.  Does anyone else have this problem?

He spit up 3 times while I was trying to get a pic.
I also got this cheeper, smaller sling carrier.  My thought process was that it would be great to keep in my bag, but it's really not that practical because it's not adjustable in any way, and O doesn't like it (probably because he is too long to fit in it in an infant carry, but this doesn't quite work for much else).

I wasn't thrilled with this pic, but I couldn't torture him any longer.
Our newest addition is the Ergo Baby Sport.  Hubby really wanted something that we could use to carry O & JD, and he heard good things about the Ergo from a friend.  So far, so good.

We also got the teething covers so we don't have to wash as often.  They are not only for teething- they can catch drool and spit up.

And JD likes it!
Look!  Hubby can take care of both of them! (JD likes hiding in the sleeping hood.)

He didn't think I could hold both.  Of course I can, and I do it without a carrier, too!

What is your favorite carrier?  If you have a carrier post, link it  :)


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