Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: Little People

One of my favorite things to do with JD is take out all of the Little People playsets we have and see what creative combinations he comes up with.

The giraffe is his favorite driver.

Baby Jesus is flying with Old MacDonald.

The 3 Wise Men travel by dump truck.

Sippy cups got on the arc, too!

My absolute favorite is when the animals give kisses  :)

If you are wondering, the sets we have include the Nativity Scene, the Tow 'n Pull Tractor, Noah's Arc, Spin 'n Fly Airplane, Rumblin Rocks Dump Truck, and the Barnyard.


  1. These are so sweet! It must be so fun just to watch him play.

  2. Toddlers just love those toys! Little People know what they're doing. Such a sweet set of pictures.


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