Sunday, February 20, 2011

Personalized Baby Gifts

My Mother-in-Law was asking for gift ideas for a friend's grandbaby.  Since they already know the sex and name, I suggested a personalized gift.  It got me thinking about all of my favorite personalized items that the boys have received.

JD loves reading books about him, because everything is better when it is all about you!
(From I See Me and My Fairy Tale Books)

Both boys got photo albums for Christmas, and they love pointing at all their friends and family.
(From One Step Ahead)

This was for JD, but O wears it now because it is the snuggliest!
(From Beba Bean)

Hubby especially liked when the boys received these.
(From Ink Pixi)

All six sides can be customized, and these can be given for different occasions to build a family block collection.
(From Memories and Milestones)
What are your favorite personalized gifts?

1 comment:

  1. wow, you got great gifts! I LOVE the sweater, it's adorable. The only personalized gift any of my kids have ever received was for my 4th child- someone sent a growth chart that had his name embroidered at the top. It also has slots where I can put some pictures. I really like it a lot.


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