Monday, February 7, 2011

A Sippy Cup that Doesn't Leak least not yet.

This cup is full of milk

and I am shaking it!

We have had this Learning Curve cup for over a month, and it has not leaked.  It has been shaken, dropped, left upside down, thrown at to the dog... no leaks!   If that is not enough for you to buy stock in the company, there is more!  There are no extra "parts".  No three-part straws.  No valves to clean and forget to put in. Just a cup and the screw-on top.  And it's insulated!  The valve is built into the top, so I'm guessing it will loosen over time with repeated washings, but so far, so good!

The valve is set into the plastic, so he can't chew on it like the Nuby spouts.

We have tried every other "leakproof" cup with no luck, and my carpets are beginning to smell like sour milk.  I thought it was something we would have to live with if the kid was going to stay hydrated, but no longer.  Now if only he didn't drool....


  1. If only it had HANDLES. Evan refuses to accept cups without handles, unless they are MY cup and I'm helping him drink. They still might be worth trying though.

  2. NICE. that sounds awesome! i might have to pick one of those up.

  3. OH wow, thanks for sharing this! For years now I've been on the never-ending hunt for an actual spill proof cup. It's rediculous! My youngest like to take his and hit the opening against the floor or window and then spread around all the liquid that bangs out. Fun :/

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I agree that it is also the best cup I have come across to date (after trying about 10 different kind/brands of cups over the last year), but there are two thing to keep in mind. 1. The cup is very hard for some toddlers to figure out (it requires a lot of suction to get it out), and 2. after 5 months of usage this cup also started to leak, so it didn't continue to last. I will still be repurchasing this cup as its still the best, just too bad none of them last forever!


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