Saturday, February 5, 2011

My 4th Week in Droid Pics


JD was pretending to be Daddy leaving for work.  He has his hat, keys, and "coffee".

We spent the afternoon at my parents' house in Riverhead.  My dad had built a ramp of snow for sledding in the backyard.

JD with Grandpa

JD & Grandma getting a push

JD helped O do his own impersonation of Daddy (Hubby has 2 cell phones that he is on A LOT).  

JD had a class at My Gym (We ended up going to My Gym 5 days this week!)

JD's teacher is helping him roll

and climb a rope ladder.  (He's checking himself out in the mirror.)
Then we baked some cookies and played with snow. 

I saw pics of JD's friend Sofia playing with snow in her water table, so we stole the idea.  It was perfect until JD realized he could throw snowballs.  He has a pretty good arm, so there was snow everywhere!  I let him do it until his little hand got too cold.  It's only water.  But of course Hubby came in to see what all the laughing was about and pointed out that if I had come home to see him letting JD throw snow around the house, he would have gotten in trouble.  haha

More snow was on the way, and our Baby Boogie class was cancelled, so we headed to the Children's Museum.  I already wrote about it here, but here are some more pics from my phone.

I also did a lot of cooking/baking this week.

JD's plate

I'm really trying to stick to the "3/4 plate = veggies" rule.


Snow day- but My Gym was open!

JD realized he could reach the lower bar by himself.

"Look, Ma. One hand!"

JD is 19 months old today, and he is so excited; he wouldn't stand still long enough for a picture :)

Baby O had a job this morning in Brooklyn, and hubby came!  He had never been to one of their jobs before, and it was VERY helpful to have him there to keep an eye on JD while I focused on O.

Hard at work!  He was such a flirt and totally lit up whenever the camera was on him.  He loves the attention!

I made them mini (except for a few star shaped ones) & kept the frosting on the side for dunking  :)


I served up Natalie's Kid Friendly "Sushi" for lunch, and it was a big hit!  He even asked for the crusts when he was finished.  

Mine didn't look as pretty as her's, but it was still yummy!


JD hung out with his aunt and uncle in the morning, while I ran errands and had a breakfast date with O.  In the afternoon, we all went to see some of my former students in a production of Beauty & the Beast.

He was a very good boy.  I was actually really surprised, so we will have to try this again some time.
Did you take phone pics this week? Post them and link up!  Grab the code from Amy here


  1. Yay! Looks like ya'll had a busy week! Thanks for the shout-out, glad the sushi was a hit. It looks great!

  2. looks like you had a rad week! very busy! and the snow hill?? how awesome is that?! also? love the newish layout!!! looks great!

  3. What a busy and fun week! I love kid sushi! Too cute!

  4. This looks like such a fun and busy week! I love love love the snow in the water table.....great idea!

  5. your week looks like fun! love all the snow and yummy food :) we tried the pbj sushi the other day and my 21 month old loved it:)


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