Friday, March 4, 2011

A Friday Favorite (Travel Edition): The Tie Chair

Our first long distance travel experience with JD was a trip to Florida.  Hubby  attended a conference for the first half of the trip, so we chilled in the hotel for most of the day.  JD had just started solids and was just starting to sit up unassisted, so I was a bit nervous about how I would feed our squirmy child without a highchair.

I scored the Tie Chair from BabySteals, and it solved the problem!  

Daddy & JD practicing at home pre-travel.
If you are super crafty, you could probably make your own.  The back is shaped like a pillow case, and it even fit over the super wide desk chair in the hotel.  The fabric goes up between his legs and then ties around his torso.  It holds him just as well as a highchair would. 
We also used it on a trip to Texas.  It was perfect for dining on hotel balconies.
We are bringing it on this trip for O (even though he has not started solids yet) just to have somewhere to put him without worrying about him rolling off the bed or being on the floor.

Anyone have a travel highchair that they like?


  1. I could totally make that tie-chair! When my Lily was a baby, we forgot her travel chair (we have a Fisher-Price adjustable one) when we were visiting my parents in Iowa, and I used a long dish towel to tie her to a regular chair.

    I'm still catching up on visiting blogs from SITS Cocktail Hour! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Can't help you with a high chair recommendation, but thanks for linking up! :)

  3. Oh my gosh that looks like a genius idea!!

  4. I totally could have used something like this when we were on vacation. Kale flat out refused to sit in a highchair, but would sit on the chair next to us. Only problem was having to hold him on the chair... I'm going to look into getting one of these for our next trip!


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