Saturday, March 5, 2011

My 8th Week in Droid Pics (Travel Edition)

We ran some errands, picking up all the things we need for our trip.

I put the finishing touches on my novel packing list.

We took the luggage out of the attic.  And it sat there for a few days while we avoided packing.

"Of course you need those shades for our trip!"

Can't go away without getting my hair done!

Good hair makes up for dark circles, right?

Packing day!

I cleared all our junk off the dining table (which was more annoying than the packing) and started collecting everything we needed.

It was soon filled with just the boys' stuff

which is slowly getting put into suitcases.

It hit me that it may just rain while we are on vacation, so I drove all over trying to find this.

Got it!
I promise next week will be much more fun & filled of happy vacation pics.  Did you take phone pics this week?  Head over to Amy's to grab the code and link up!


  1. I haven't traveled with the kiddos since last year, but the pictures/lists/etc brought it alllll rushing back. Best of luck and have a blast on vacation!

  2. Came by from SITS. I have two boys but much older, 18 and 21. The age when they can (mostly) pack for themselves:)

  3. Have a good time on your trip! Those stroller covers are a life saver.

  4. Looks like you're all organized. Have fun on your trip! I can't wait to see next week's recap!

  5. You are SO MUCH MORE organized than I am. I pack the morning of or the night before a trip... yikes!

  6. @Karen Lucky! My hubby is 31 & still can't pack for himself :P

  7. Thinking about that much packing makes me want to just never go anywhere ever. But I know when you start posting pictures I'll be crazy jealous. I'll just keep this post bookmarked to remind myself.

  8. yay!! how exciting! have sooo much fun on your vacay.
    also, i just tweeted ya. i ran out of time to do a travel equipment post... want to repost my traveling w/ a kid post?? let me know, i can get it to you tonight.

  9. thank goodness for organization. i am the same way. with six kiddos, we must be organized and cannot afford to forget a thing.


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