Monday, March 7, 2011

Guest Post: Corinne McDermott from Have Baby Will Travel

Start Young, And The Love Of Travel Lasts A Lifetime

My mother would take me “home” to Glasgow, Scotland every August. My earliest memories include the scent of the cool Scottish air (so different from the muggy heat we’d left behind just 7 hours ago),spending a few minutes deciphering the accent, and feeling so disoriented driving home from the airport on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. To this day, when traveling to countries where driving is on theleft, I always look the wrong way before crossing the street.

We wouldn’t stay put in Glasgow for the whole 3 weeks, though. Every year we’d hop on the train and head somewhere new for a few days. Often it was Edinburgh, and a few times it was London. I vividly remember climbing the lions in Trafalgar Square, and idyllic afternoons in Hampstead Heath. And every year we’d always do the same day trips: a romp and lunch at the lovely Loch Lomand, exploring the ruins of a 14th century castle and running along the windswept beach near Paddy’s Milestone, or just drives through the countryside for lunch in a tiny pub and to delight in the Highland Cows (coos). Can you tell I miss Scotland?

This time with my mother was special. As a single mom working full-time, she worked hard to make our yearly trip a success. Even though we mostly stayed with family and friends, I recognize now how expensive these trips must’ve been as well. Of course, as I entered my teen years, I was reluctant to leave my friends and the hot sun behind every August. But as an adult, I’m grateful she persisted. The love of travel has never left me, and I’ve graduated from backpacking through Europe solo to lugging my own brood around.

I started my website because I wanted to motivate and inspire other new parents to travel (or continue traveling) with their new families. My daughter went on her first trip at 11 months. My son came along for his first trip when he wasn’t yet 11 weeks. For better or for worse, for us it’s not “Are we there yet?” it’s “When are we going?”

Corinne McDermott is the founder of Have Baby Will Travel - your online guide for travel with babies, toddlers & young children. From baby packing lists to tips on coping with jet lag in toddlersHave Baby Will Travel wants to help you get away with your baby! For more, visit Corinne's Have Baby Will Travel blog, follow Have Baby Will Travel on twitter and like us on Facebook, where Corinne welcomes your questions and comments.


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