Saturday, March 26, 2011

My 11th Week in Droid Pics


He's a morning person!

My mom made me her awesome Angel Food Cake in early celebration of my birthday.

We hung out at home today, and JD was excited to find his old walker in the laundry room.

We took a trip to Target.  

JD was very good, especially considering O was kicking him the entire time.

Later, I found JD and Hubby playing outside in the dog pen.

We had a TON of cleaning to do, so we decided to let JD watch his first full length feature film (we're usually really strict with TV time) while we got things done.  He chose Dumbo :)

Hubby started my birthday a little early by bringing home a bouquet of pink & green roses. Those were our wedding colors :)
Thursday (My 30th Birthday!)

O is 5 months old!

My birthday breakfast at the local diner.
A quick lunch out at Panera.
Another Hubby surprise: He picked me up a piece of fudge on his way home from work.

We had an (early) dinner at our favorite wine bar.  We brought the boys (and our own booster seat).

mmmmmm fancy, expensive pizza and yummy wine

And after the boys were in bed, Hubby gave me a Cold Stone cake.  I then died and went to heaven.


Back to My Gym!  JD is fearless, strong, and an awesome little multi-tasker. 

Did you take phone pics this week? Head over to Amy's for the code and link up!


  1. Happy birthday! Your husband is so sweet. Also, I'm amazed that he got a candle into a piece of fudge.

  2. Oh my God, the amount of delicious food in this post should be illegal. I'm going to request a Cold Stone cake for my birthday now. NOM. Happy Birthday!!

  3. holy crap, what a week of amazing food!! that makes for a great birthday in my book :)

  4. Happy birthday! Sounds like an awesome day.

    Glad you stopped by my blog yesterday and SO glad to find a sister who loves B&E. It's kind of embarrassing to admit how much I like them.

    Your boys are true cuties!

  5. Looks like a great week of eating! :) I love it!

  6. Happy Birthday! Are you a Pisces? I always forget when the cut off is. We also recently (Like maybe February) started letting our then 25 month old watch full length movies. It's SUCH a slippery slope. He watched Toy STory & Dumbo back to back on the FIRST DAY! Now, it's all about Toy Story/ Cars/ Monster's Inc.


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