Sunday, March 27, 2011

My 3 Favorite Disney Tips (and a cute video)

You can find tips for Disney all over the place online, so I'm just going to give you my favorites.

1. Download the phone apps, but check them out before you go.  I had a lot of fun learning behind the scenes info (yes, there is a secret basketball court at the top of the mountain) and tips leading up to the trip.  (I spent A LOT of time reading secrets on MouseWait.) Once we were in the park, it wasn't that crowded, so I wasn't worried about pulling out my phone to check wait times.

2. If your adult-to-child ratio is 2:1 or better, don't bring the stroller!  When we went to Disney last year with JD, we took turns holding him in the bjorn.  That way we could keep going on rides/seeing shows when he was napping in it, and we never had to worry about where we parked the stroller.  (You can't being the stroller into most shows or in line for rides.)  

Since we were 2-on-2 this time, the double stroller was a must!  I held O in the Moby a lot because he napped more than JD (and he doesn't walk- duh), but it was nice to have the stroller for JD's nap (which is when hubby and I grabbed a relaxing lunch) and for moving from one part of the park to another.  

3. As soon as you can get in, go right to Mickey's Toon Town.  It doesn't open at the same time as the rest of the park, but people line up to get in first.  We learned in Disney World last year that the first people to Mickey's house get a private tour with Mickey himself. In Disneyland, you can get into Toon Town early with a coupon book from Costco.  There is a special opening ceremony for coupon holders with a character performance, and you get an "Honorary Citizen of Toon Town" button for attending.  We got in early but not exactly when it opened, so we waited on line for a few minutes to see Mickey.  We were extremely lucky to be the last family before Mickey's break, so we got the tour on his way out!  It made my day (maybe my whole trip) to see my little guy walking hand-in-hand with Mickey. 

And here is the video of our stay at Disneyland  :)

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  1. great tips! hopefully some day we'll be able to put them to use :) glad you guys had fun!


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