Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Travel-with-the-Boys Bucket List

What's the first thing you do when you are settled back in after a vacation? Start thinking about the next one, of course!  Here is our list of places we would love to take the boys.

  • Spain (I'm a classic lit. nerd and can't wait to do a The Sun Also Rises-inspired trip.)
  • Belgium (We spent a day here a couple years ago and can't wait to go back!)
  • Denver (I went for a conference when I first started teaching, and I fell in love with the city.)
  • Chicago (Hubby is there now & said I would love it.  I've been there a dozen times but never left the airport.)
  • Drive across the country (I really hope we have the time to do this with the boys!)
  • An Amtrack trip somewhere (It just sounds romantic.)
  • Washington, DC (Hubby has never been, and I think it would be great to take the boys when they are a bit older.)
  • Australia/New Zealand (We have friends who have made this trip with their babies multiple times, and they make us feel like 40 hours of traveling is totally possible.)
  • Poland/Norway/Finland/Sweden (A whole part of Europe we've never seen.)

Any other suggestions out there?

JD's first trip was a road trip of the North East to watch some college basketball with daddy when he was 5 months old.


  1. Our list is so long: Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Istanbul, Beruit, Croatia, Greece (Okay, that covers the Mediterranean). I'd like to go to India, and Costa Rica, and Vietnam...

    So basically, almost everywhere. :-)

    We've managed to take kidlet to California and Chicago multiple times already (we have family in both places) and have a trip to N. Carolina set for April. Lately I've been feeling more like we can actually do these things. So maybe more travel to fun places, soon.

  2. Let me know before you do DC, I'll make a point to go visit my folks at the same time. We can meet up at the Air & Space museum and eat some freeze dried ice cream - my favorite thing to do in DC since 4th grade.

  3. @Suzanne You're on! As long as we can go to the top of the Washington Monument! I always wanted to do that when I went as a kid, but my parents said the line was too long :(


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