Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorite: Books!!

I grew up loving books.  And I remember being surrounded by them.  While my boys may never appreciate my Little House on the Prairie box set or extensive collection of Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, and Lurlene McDaniel,  I do hope that they find their own favorites. (My basement currently holds my brothers enormously gross collection of Goosebumps.)  I have very happy memories of reading from a (way too big and delicate for a kid) anthology of nursery rhymes and fairy tales to my baby brother.  It was housed on the same bookshelf as our family Bible and the encyclopedia set. (Note to self: Ask Mom if she still has it.)

There are some books that I can't wait to share, like these.

When my best friend gave JD the Monster at the end of this Book and told me that it was one of her childhood favorites, I added that to the long list of reasons why we were meant to be bff.

And I will surround them with books!

The boys' bookshelves

The playroom

I can't help it if this is JD's current favorite.

So what books bring you back to your childhood?


  1. Saying hi from SITS. I remember reading Beverly Cleary books - and they are still favorite in the middle elementary school years I think. They were so entertaining and full of personality.

    Can't go wrong with surrounding your kids with books! I have one avid reader and one not - but that is just their personalities.

  2. Most of the ones YOU mentioned ... again... my boys will not read those...

    Cordourory Bear series...Indian in the cupboard...Shel Silverstein ...We have SO many books.

    I've become good friends with a used book store owner and have virtually unlimited books :)

    It's amazing.

  3. Baby Sitters Club all the way!!! I loved those books so much, I made my own Kid Kits, tried to start a club of my own (but no parent in their right mind would let me babysit their child at the age of 12...weird right?)
    I must say I am supremely jealous of your book collection! Awesome.

  4. As much as I REALLY wanted a boy, when I realized that he would probably have no interest in all the books I wanted to share with him (pretty similar to your list) I was totally bummed.


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