Saturday, April 9, 2011

My 13th Week in Droid Pics!

We were super busy this week, but I am getting a little forgetful when it comes to taking pics when we are out and about.  But you are probably tired of pics of My Gym and the Children's Museum anyway.

JD split his lip open at church today, but that didn't stop him from enjoying some Mexican for dinner and a mini cherry pie I threw together for dessert.  (And by "threw together" I mean "didn't even use my rolling pin for the crust".)


JD is a little person, so he should be able to ride their toys  :)
Yay for the street sweeper.
We took a walk to the park.  Last fall I had to help JD with everything, so it was so nice to be able to sit and watch him play this time!  O was avoiding the paparazzi.

JD was entertained by the clingy decorations- until he tried eating them, and I had to take them away.
JD and O both enjoyed a Darlene Graham concert at the library.
He still tries to eat them when I'm not looking.  I'm really looking forward to the day when I can give him some crayons and get work done!


We enjoyed some yummy fruit salsa.

My parents' dog, Chip, came to stay while they are on vacation.  O thinks it's very funny to have two crazy dogs in the house.


JD has been a big fan of helping in the kitchen this week.  A bowl and spoon will usually keep him busy while I cook.


We started the weekend off with dinner out at one of our favorite places, Ciao Baby!  (Yes, their portions are that big.  My hubby looks like he is eating out of a trough.)


A desperate (and successful) attempt to get O to nap.  Bonus: it kept JD busy, too!
Did you take phone pics this week?  I'd love to see them!  Head over to Amy's and grab the code and link up.  


  1. the pic of him sleeping with his hat is PRICELESS! So cute!

  2. holy crap, i can't get over the size of your husband's dinner plate!

  3. @AmyLeeI know! I don't think my biggest platter is that big! haha We are eating his leftovers for dinner tonight- all 3 of us!


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