Monday, April 4, 2011


(No, this is not a post about breastmilk.)

I decided that if I really want to grow my little blog it would help to have something to put in someone's hand when I tell them about it.  (This dawned on me the 1000th time I explained that I was reviewing the SafetyTat.  That thing is an AWESOME conversation starter!)  

I think I would feel silly handing out a traditional business card though.  I got a mommy card once that was oval and plastic; that was kind of cool.  I started looking for something like that.  (Side thought: Did you do mom cards?  I never did, but I can see the benefits.) 

That's when I found Moo.  They have these adorable minicards, and the price was right.  Designing them was super easy, and the print quality is even better than I expected!  For all you etsy/artsy peeps, you can print up to 100 different cards with different images at no additional charge.  They also make sticker books.  I may just get them with family pics for JD to play with.  My hubby is  trying to figure out how he can use them for his business.  

My front looks like this: 

And that's a quarter so you can see how cute and tiny they are.

And I have all my blog/twitter/facebook info on the back.  They are so cute, I can't help but share them.  I even got a little pink card holder that fits on my keychain  :)

*Moo gave me nothing to write this.  They don't even know about it.  I just love them.  


  1. those are awesome! i've actually been toying around with making cards for an upcoming blog conference so i will definitely check them out! :)

  2. Yeah I made moo cards a while back for my little Etsy sho that I've neglected, lol. I had even started making Moo card key chains to hold your moo cards! I loved them. Hopefully once we move I can set up my sewing room sewing table is my storage table at the moment :(

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