Saturday, April 2, 2011

My 12th Week in Droid Pics!

I was sick last weekend, so this is the only pick I have.
I wonder who he learned this from?

Hubby left for a business trip today, so we flew solo on a trip to NYC for a go-see for O.
JD was such a good boy while he waited for O to get his pics taken.

O was ready for his close up. 

My view from the front seat.  It's always a happier drive when they both fall asleep!

We passed the day doing a lot of shopping.
We visited the Old Navy dog.

I could have bought O a twitter-inspired spring wardrobe.

This kid always leaves a shoe behind.

We rewarded ourselves with Chipotle!  JD polished off half a burrito! 

And then Red Mango  :)

I tried out my new popcorn maker.

I found O's first tooth poking through this morning!

Visiting his brother's crib

For an hour at My Gym, JD dragged this thing around.  

Even down the slide

Daddy was home at dinnertime, and JD was screeching for some of "daddy's dip".  We gave him the tiniest dot, and he will probably never ask for it again!  (Don't worry.  It is pretty mild as far as hot sauce goes, and JD does really like spicy food- see Chipotle above.)

I got to go to Target by myself :)  The craziest things make me happy these days!

JD has officially handed over his highchair to O, who really enjoys playing in it.  Food will probably be coming in about a month!

We took a quick trip to Babies R' Us to get those doorknob things.  JD will no longer be disappearing to the basement every time I turn my back!

We spent the afternoon visiting Aunt Amanda.  Now that JD knows there is a playground near her house, he will be demanding to go back often  :)

Today is a watch-a-movie-while-mommy-cleans-so-we-can-enjoy-The-Final-Four-tonight kind of day.
We started with Snow White, but it was quickly changed the The Jungle Book.

Did you take phone pics this week? Head over to Amy's for the code and link up!


  1. Mary@redo101.blogspot.comApril 2, 2011 at 3:59 PM

    thanks for sharing your pics - it was like visiting your family! I'm stopping by from SITS, visit back anytime.

  2. Stopping by from SITS -- looks like a busy busy day! Fun to see all the pictures. And I just don't get it -- what is it with always losing a shoe? :)

  3. Chipotle AND a popcorn maker? You have my attention now. Looks like a fun week!

  4. Awesome week! I love chipotle! And the picture of both boy sleeping in the backseat is so cute.

  5. so many cute pics! love the shot of both boys sleeping in the back seat :) and congrats for o's first tooth!

  6. LOVE me some Chipotle. Whats a "go see"?

  7. @Emily My boys do a little baby modeling, so a go see is kind of like an audition. They usually just have their picture taken or are recorded for a few minutes, and then we go home. Sometimes they get to play with fancy new toys, and that is extra fun :)

  8. What an awesome window into your week!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog during my SITS weekend!


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