Monday, April 11, 2011

Nursery Tour

The post sharing JD's big boy room is one of my most-viewed, so I thought it was a good time to share JD's old/O's new nursery.  There are no pictures of the windows because they are pretty boring- just white wooden blinds.  (There is not a single curtain in my entire house.  I have curtain commitment issues.)  It's not a very big room, and there isn't much craftiness, but I think it's still a pretty sweet room for a little guy  :)

I'm a big fan of getting a dresser instead of a traditional changing table.

Baby hands & feet

O is catching up!

I never realized how bare the walls are until I see all the empty space.  I do like this rocker overall, but I don't like that I can't fit in it with the boppy unless I really smoosh it in.

O loves playing in his crib; we're still working on the sleeping.  And we are BIG fans of sheet savers!  (I usually have a green one on to match his sheets, but they were all in the laundry.)

I was a huge Aerosmith fan in middle school (maybe because the boy I liked listened to them- but that is beside the point), and I loved this quote.  Last week I saw a wall decal set that said, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed," which would have fit the theme better, but no regrets.  PS: Sorry about the creepy dog eyes, but he was so cute posing there, I couldn't crop him out  :)  PPS: I know we have to mobiles. The monkey one stopped working, so it's just for show.

A peek in the closet.  I assembled & installed this all by myself, so I am super proud.  The other half of the closet holds their halloween costumes, baptism outfits, and other fancy stuff.  The rainbow blanket towards the top was made by my great-grandmother, so it is super important (which means I will probably never let my kids actually use it).

One of my best friends painted these to match the bedding set, and I use them to organize the clothes that hang in the closet.  I'll admit I used them much more when JD was a baby- probably because I received a variety of sizes at my baby shower and didn't already have a baby when I was setting up the closet.  I only keep O's current size in the closet now, and the rest are stored in the attic.

I really wanted a bookshelf in the room, and this ladder style one worked perfectly here because a regular one would have hidden the light switch.  The quote framed on the top shelf reads, "Enjoy! Life is good."  It's a nice reminder when I'm rocking O to sleep for the fifth time.  This shelf is also where our baby monitor and iPod dock live.
And there is it.  It's not perfect, but we love it  :)


  1. This is a precious nursery! I too have curtain commitment issues, it actually boils down to husband-and-I-can't-agree-on-squat issues so, we too have blinds.


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