Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Favorite: Oh Plah!

We are emerging from a level of teething hell over here, and I was trying anything and everything.  When I was ordering O's amber teething necklace, I browsed the other teething stuff and ordered the Oh Plah teething bracelet. 

It made sense to me.  I spend a lot of time digging through my diaper bag or purse trying to find something to give O to chew on, usually asking myself some version of, "Did I put this in the side pocket because it had been rolling around the floor of the LIRR train, or is this the clean one?"  


  • It is firm, yet easily bendable and twistable- perfect for little tiny teeth.
  • As long as I remember to put it on, it's convenient!
  • It's perfect for when O is trying to gnaw on my fingers because it's right there to distract him.
  • It comes in a bunch of colors, so you can coordinate like it's real jewelry.  It is not obviously a teething toy.
  • It's totally "green", and it's won awards for safety & eco-consciousness.
  • When it's time, the maker, Roundhouse, will pay for me to ship it back to them, and they will recycle it into new products.
  • It is not breathable.  With the crazy heat this week, it got a little sweaty under the bracelet.
  • It is a chunky piece of jewelry, which is usually not my thing, but most of the colors are subtle and the design is simple.
  • At $13, it's not cheap.
Also, I love the description of the name.  Hop-la (pronounced "oh plah") in French means "Here you go".

Here you go!


Would you wear it?


  1. What a neat idea! I'd seen the teething mama necklaces, but Spencer yanks everything so that never would have worked. This would have been great.

  2. I would have worn something like that. Thankfully we are past the teething stage. I miss the sweet baby stage but I don't teething! :)

  3. Oooooh the blue version has a flock of birds on it! I would absolutely wear one. But my trouble isn't finding stuff for Caroline to chew on, it's Caroline dropping stuff all the time.


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