Saturday, June 11, 2011

My 22nd Week in Droid Photos

It isn't officially summer yet, but it sure felt like it this week!  


Ava turned 3!

JD tried desperately to get her to fetch a stick. She wasn't into it.

The Greek church near our house had a fair, and we took advantage of all the yummy treats.

Mr. Potato Head time at My Gym

JD showing O how it's done

Hubby was finally home, so I left JD home with him while I took O to a go- see.

HOT town, summer in the city...

The new exhibit at the Children's Museum, Grossology, made everybody giggle!  This piece explained how farts make different sounds.

And we played in the outdoor water exhibit for the first time!

O played peek-a-boo in our beach tent. Or maybe he was trying to eat it.  Either way it kept him busy for a while.
We had a great time with friends & all the toys!  Bringing the kiddie pool was a brilliant idea by my friend Jacqueline!  

After naps, O did a little skinny dipping in the backyard.

We had a playdate (no more naked swimming), and slide + baby pool = lots of fun!

O enjoyed rubbing his peas all over his face!

We took our first trip of the season to the farmers' market.  I was so excited, it was all I could talk about for days.  

The boys were both snoring when we got home, so I sat in the car and enjoyed a giant pretzel & fresh mustard from the market  :)   mmmm
 Did you take phone pics this week?  I'd love to see them!  Grab the code from Amy and link up!

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  1. As always, it looks like it was a super fun week! The Mr. Potato Head picture made me laugh - it's like a potato massacre, with body parts all over.


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