Monday, June 20, 2011

Tuesday Tip #6: Boon Spoon & Squeezy Pouches

I hate the original, orange Boon Spoon.  It's convenient for 5 minutes, but it's annoying to fill and more annoying to clean.

However, we love us some squeezy pouches in this house, and I want to be able to feed O the stage 1 ones easily while we are on the go.  I had seen the Plum Organics Boom Spoon attachment a while ago, but JD was already feeding himself, so I had never tried them.  Today, I gave them a test run with O, and it was much better than I expected.  I really only needed one hand, which meant I could use the other hand to do something like feed myself.    

This is perfect for when I have to pack for big days out because the spoons come in a cute little carrying case, and the pouches don't need to be in a cooler like our homemade food.  

And O was so into the squeezy pears that he didn't even try to grab the spoon or pull the food out of his mouth.  This may be our neatest feeding session to date!  I just wish Plum Organics- or any squeezy pouch maker- made stage 1 veggies.  O is probably ready for the stage 2 mixes, but I'm not ready to acknowledge that he is that big.

I can shoot pics with one hand & feed him with the other!
And a bonus tip:  I recently saw a friend out in a restaurant with her toddler, who was happily sucking on his squeezy.  I asked her where she buys them, because I'm always trying to find a good deal on them (Babies R Us currently has them 10 for $10).  She told me that different Targets sell them for DIFFERENT PRICES!  

The Target by me has them for $1.19.  The Target 20 minutes away has them for .99- regular price!  They are $1.29 & $1.49 on Target's website.  I'm not going to drive across town for 20 cents, but when I'm stocking up for 2 hungry boys, every little bit counts!


  1. Have you ever checked Amazon? They regularly beat Target prices for Mum Mums and puffs, but you sometimes have to buy in volume. Not crazy huge volume, but like 6 at a time or something.

  2. squeezy pouches are a staple in our household. i buy happy baby from target for $1.09 each and i always stock up when they're on sale. how crazy that different targets sell them for different prices! dirty.


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