Saturday, June 18, 2011

My 23rd Week in Droid Pics

There hasn't been much blogging, tweeting, or picture taking happening around here lately because we are 2 weeks away from JD's 2nd birthday, and there are A MILLION projects going on.

On our way to a party.  Cheese!

JD starts talking about the balls as soon as we pull into the parking lot.

Playing with our new bubbles
Our train ride home from the city started like this...

...quickly became this...

...and ended like this right before it was time to get off.

This is the last time O & JD will both be in the "under 2" class at the library.  I feel pretty guilty about it, but O is just going to have to tag along to JD's big boy class from now on.  JD cannot handle sitting on the sidelines in the baby class, and Hubby is usually unable to come along.

He would not let this football go.
We went to a playdate where JD we made this gift for Daddy.
My boy is a jumping bean!

And O thinks that is amazing!

I made these to use as centerpieces for JD's party. 3 down, a couple dozen more to go...

And we grilled the yummiest steaks and paired it with a corn/tomato/avocado/spinach salad.
We had a house full of friends and their adorable children  :)

It was a good night.
It's blurry and hard to see, but JD is pretending to be Hubby talking on his bluetooth.  HAHAHA!

OUCH my poor gums.

But I can still laugh at my momma!

We FINALLY finished re-finishing our deck.  Now I'll be making trips to Pier  1 & Home Goods for decor  :)
I hope you had a great week too!  Did you take phone pics?  Head over to Amy's, grab the code, and link up!

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  1. Your deck is gorgeous and those steaks look so yummy. Looks like you guys had another busy and fun week.


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