Saturday, July 16, 2011

My 27th Week in Droid Pics

It was another busy week in our house.  Hubby ran a basketball camp all week, on top of his regular day job, so the boys and I were mostly on our own. But the week did end with a date night, so no complaints here!


We helped Hubby set up his gym for the camp, and then JD got a few pointers.
For some reason our library packed every mommy & me class for July into one week, so it seems like we lived there the past few days.  Plus, now that JD is 2, he and O are in separate classes, so there were twice as many classes as usual.


O tested out the bells at Baby Boogie.

JD showed off his moves at Toddler Tango.

He loved the pirate patch he got for getting his vision tested at his 2-year-old check-up.  Good news: The doc was super impressed that he knew all his colors, the nurse gushed over his good behavior, no tears from his finger prick & vaccine (which = munchkin treat from DD on the way home), and he is right on track with height & weight.  Bad news = we have to take him for a cholesterol test because of Hubby's family history of super high levels  :(  

We went to story time at our local Barnes & Noble, but JD spent the entire time telling me which books were "MINE!"

We kept cool playing in the basement playroom.

Just a little push to get him going.

ugggg. This was at the end of the day, too!

I made myself a yummy sandwich that was too big to fit in my mouth.
I dropped the boys off to play at Hubby's gym.  If you're on LI, you should totally check out Fundamental Sports Training.  It's fun  :)

After a super exciting meeting (more info to come soon!), I brought home these beauties.

We learned that bedtime story time really isn't a good idea for a tired toddler.

Geese crossing!

JD showed off some new skills at My Gym.

He learned this from watching the big kids.

Kidnastics at the library.

He's a bug!

We tried a big boy cup at breakfast.  Lesson learned: I can't turn my back.  He used his fingers to put his oatmeal in the milk. 

O goes nuts with some maracas!

JD was wiggling too fast to get a clear pic!

We had a playdate at a house with a ball pit!

I was taking a pic of JD waving to dogs at the farmers' market and caught O waving to ME!

O is not impressed by the beets.
This afternoon, as soon as Hubby walks in the door from work, we are beach bound!  Have a great weekend!

(Did you take phone pics this week?  Visit Amy for the code & link up!)


  1. You guys sure do stay active! And that is an awesome sandwich.

  2. JD has some serious skills! baby gym looks awesome. love how active you are :)


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