Saturday, July 23, 2011

My 28th Week in Droid Pics

I haven't posted here all week (so many fun things to share soon!), but I really didn't want to miss a week of Droid pics.  I love that these weekly posts get me taking pics of my boys every day, and I hope that someday they appreciate seeing what our days were filled with.


The circus was in town, and although we didn't go to the show, we went to see the animals eat breakfast.  The elephants and tigers were his favorite.  He is still talking about how the lions eat MEAT for breakfast.

All of the horses pretended we weren't there.

I love catching them "talking" and giggling.

drooling play-doh

I parked here during a car nap.

Sorry, buddy. That's not your slice.

Just like Daddy.

We picked up frozen yogurt from the new place in town.

And O enjoyed his first time in the ball pit at My Gym.

Hanging at the spray park

JD had to get his cholesterol checked.  We gave him a lollypop first, and there wasn't even a tear!
We spent Thursday night hiding from the heat camping at the beach with my parents.


We took a morning walk and met a deer.

JD loved playing in the sand with a family friend.  

We put only our toes in because it was COLD!

O, I think JD is stealing your snack.
We spent the afternoon relaxing at my sister's pool.
Matching floats.
My mom searched forever to find these poncho-style towels for the boys.  
Did you take phone pics this week?  Visit Amy for the code and link up!


  1. So much cute in one week! The poncho towel is hilarious. And what a brave boy getting his blood drawn! We'd have a screaming, thrashing toddler the second I tried to hold him in my lap.

  2. Looks like a fun week and like you guys are trying to stay cool like us. Hey, when are you going to NYC? We're going this fall. Can't wait!

  3. @Suzanne I was so scared of that- which is why I put it off for two weeks until Hubby could come with me.

  4. @ShannonWe take day trips to the city pretty often since we're only about an hour away, but some time in Oct. we're going to stay a week and be tourists. Let me know when you are there. It would be great to meet IRL :)


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