Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorite FAIL: Fisher-Price Sing and Cook With Elmo

This Friday Favorite seemed to be a major win.  

dancing & cooking with Elmo

The goal was to keep the boys busy "cooking" while I prepared dinner.  It worked!  Fisher-Price's Sing and Cook with Elmo plays many catchy tunes that I actually didn't mind hearing a couple dozen times.  There were enough pots & utensils for the boys to share, and it held their interest just long enough.

It's actually a pretty smart toy.  The Sing and Cook With Elmo is a large magnet that we stick to the front of the fridge at playtime. The 3 pots and 2 utensils correspond with matching colored & shaped pegs on the magnet, and the pots contain some yummy foods: eggs, pasta, and alphabet soup.

I thought I was a genius for finding this toy,  until...
O figured out how to play the music!
I saw the damage it did to the front of our fridge.


I guess scratches and gauges on the stainless steal are a price to pay for some peace while cooking.  I probably should have known better.


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