Saturday, September 17, 2011

My 36th Week in Droid Pics

The beginning of this week seems like FOREVER ago, which I guess means that it was a looooong week.  But this weekend is awesome.  There are fall festivals happening all over Long Island- so many that we can't possibly go to all of them.  And so many that I don't have to cook at all because we are eating yummy fair food.

Anyway, here's our week!


JD woke up extra early to work on his ball handling.

Quality block building time while we listened to the names.

We went to White Post Farms
(I had a whole post full of pics from this day here.)
2nd Day- Better than the 1st, but still a little hesitant at the door.

Hubby & I got out for breakfast ALONE.

My boys are in love with their babysitter.  They are THIS happy to say goodbye to me.  You can barely see it, but that is the biggest smile I saw on JD all week, and O is practically dancing.

I went to the mall for new makeup.

I tried out these mummy hotdogs that I saw on Pinterest.  You'll see them again at O's birthday party.

O got some work done in the morning.

Then he raided the wine rack.

The Greek Food Festival around the corner from our house started tonight.  We were literally first in line for dinner.

I don't know if his arms are cuter- or the crossed legs- or that he is wrapped up in his blanket.

Playing with the Chica Chica Boom Boom tree at storytime.

Walking around Target getting ideas for O's party.  I can do this!

SOOOO excited to be wearing cute fall clothes.

We went to a birthday party where JD got a sparkly tattoo.

And face painting.

And couldn't stop checking himself out.
Did you take phone pics this week?  Head over to Amy's & link up!


  1. Whoa, that is a fancy birthday party, with the tattoos and the face painting. I can't wait to see what you do for O's!!

  2. that party look's awesome! and breakfast out alone? sounds glorious.


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