Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flashback Friday: Vintage Halloween

This is the time before a party when I should be scrubbing toilets or something, so when I heard Suzanne & Amy were hosting a Vintage Halloween Blog Hop, I jumped at the opportunity to spend too much time digging through old photo albums.

Growing up, our Halloween costumes were usually pieced together from dance costumes & random accessories. Mom didn't sew- she was known for stapling our girl scout badges on (which is genius by the way).  My sister and I played dress-up a lot, so my memories of Halloween costumes are all mixed up with dance recitals & dress-up.

But one of my favorite Halloween memories (which I unfortunately don't have a picture of) is from a church youth group costume contest.  I think I was in 5th or 6th grade.  A friend & I made our own Mickey & Minnie costumes and won a free large pizza... which we then ate entirely by ourselves.  We were very proud- which is the opposite of how I would feel now if I ate 4 slices of pizza in one sitting.

Anyway, here are the pics I found.

I'm pretty sure I wore these ears later as Minnie.

I have no idea what I was supposed to be.  Some kind of angel/fairy/princess? But my sister, the bumble bee, is adorable.

Mom, please tell me the bangs were a part of my costume.  At least they weren't crimped.  I remember puff painting all over that sweatshirt.  It's a shame you can't see it in the pic.  I'm sure it was a work of art.  And again- the adorable little sister.  Her bangs are straight. 
This is fun.  Go visit Suzanne & Amy, read everybody's cool Halloween memories, and link up your own!


  1. Puff paint is another one of those things burned into my scent memory - I could identify the smell of that stuff from miles away. And your fairy princess costume looks EXACTLY like the one's we wore!

  2. The blue leggings and crimped hair are just killing me. I think we are about 6 months away from 14-year-olds dressing like that every day.

  3. mom mutilated my bangs growing up...hence the reason I've been bang free for about 15 years. HA! I'm digging the puff paint sweatshirt...I loved puff paints.


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