Monday, October 31, 2011

My 42 Week in Droid Pics!

I need to stop calling each week's pics "late" and just accept that I post them after the weekend.  Then when I actually do it on time, it's "early".

This week was a huge blur.  I took on way too many projects, and I'm trying hard not to be sad about the ones that I ran out of time for.  But at least we had a lot of fun!

Our local pumpkin patches suffered a lot of damage after the hurricane, but we enjoyed a hay ride & some roasted corn!
O's 1st birthday!  He got a lot of fun toys, and JD even let him play with one!

My boy loves to eat, but he loves flirting with waitresses even more.

Peaceful playtime while JD napped

His 1st cake.  He was a little confused at first, but he dove right in after his first taste.
Everybody is helping get the house ready for the party.
My day off!  And I cut my hair again.

O had his well visit, and both boys got flu shots.  O ended up with 3 shots total (no tears at all), but Hubby had to take JD to the car because he was screaming so loud & scaring the other kids.
JD's Halloween party at school was the cutest thing ever.  I hope to get video of his performance of "5 Little Pumpkins" up soon.

We are nearing the weight/height limit, and I'm really going to miss this convenience.
We put finishing touches on our front steps.

Painting & carving didn't happen this year because the pumpkins were rotting already.
aka PartyDay
I turned these

into these.

One hour before your guests arrive is a great time to put cookies in the oven.
We were up with the sun & enjoyed a snowy day at Sesame Place.
Did you take phone pics?  Head over to Amy's & link up!

I plan to have a post up tonight or tomorrow with pics form O's party.  I hope everyone is enjoying Halloween!


  1. Holy cow, I LOVE the Halloween candy in the vases! That is so super cute! And I'm jealous of your costume plus you look really, really good.

  2. your hair looks great! looks like a fun week & i hope the party went well!

  3. I love your hair cut and your costume! Those treats you created? So stinkin' cute! But not as cute as your boys. :)
    Thanks for the well wishes on my SITS Day!


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