Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Favorite: The Best Christmas Card

Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about the holidays, and I get extra excited whenever I see photo cards from friends and family.  You can't help smiling when you see such adorable faces smiling back.  This year, however, we got a card that was so awesome, I have to share it!

Our friends, Jen, Jay, and Brody (& Paisley & Waddles), sent a card that succeeded at being creative, adorable, and funny.  And believe me, I need all the laughs I can get with all the added holiday stress.  Thanks, Jen, for letting me share it here & for being so awesome :)

"Just wait till Santa finds out! Something tells me only one of us is getting gifts!"


  1. Thanks Kim, I don't know that I deserve such accolades for something that I truly enjoy doing..not so sure my husband would say the same, since he is It is too my favorite part of the holidays, opening the envelopes and seeing happy faces smiling back. I truly look forward to it! I enjoy the updates, the milestone updates...everything! I would also like to say that you are an inspiration and I love your blog and read every post & update...brings a smile and makes me laugh! If we can do that for eachother, than sign me up!!! **BTW-Waddles is our turtle, who is not shown in the pic but "Paisley" is the fur ball in the middle, lapping up the*** XO Jen

  2. @Anonymous So sorry to forget Paisley! I edited it :)


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