Monday, December 12, 2011

My 48th Week in Droid Pics

I must start by saying that if you are not stalking the entries of Baby Rabies' Inappropriate Elf contest, you must go there now.  And while you're there, vote for Timmy! He's #36.  

It was another busy week around here, and every free minute was spent decorating and getting the cards done.  Now I'm realizing that I have less than 2 weeks to shop, wrap, and plan a huge meal. I should really get on that... 
I caught JD checking out his bed head in the mirror.
A ridiculous number of Christmas cards to send.
I promise that O really enjoys wrestling. Especially in the ball pit.

peek-a-boo brothers
We got our biggest tree ever. 10ft!

My new drink of choice tastes like rice pudding.
The boys and I attended the most adorable music-themed party.  Toddlers with violins are cute.

And Santa came by on a fire truck.  All the kids were waving to Santa, but JD ran to the front to check out the truck.

O can wiggle with the best of them.
I put the boys to work at Hubby's gym.

We finally decorated the tree.  

And so did Timmy.
How was your week? Did you take phone pics?  You really should link up with Amy if you aren't already!


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