Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Have 2 Toddlers

Ever since O left the wonderful put-him-down-and-he-stays-there phase, I dreaded the walking.  I didn't worry about when he would take steps on his own the way I did with JD.  I knew he was strong and healthy and happy. And I didn't want to think of MY BABY as a toddler.  We cheered his hesitant first steps, but didn't initiate the "practice".  I was scared of two toddlers.  I had visions of them taking off in different directions, and it didn't look fun.

But... the walking has been freaking awesome.  I can put him down!  Basically anywhere!  And he walks way slower than he crawls! (I do know that will probably change by the time I hit publish.)  It makes it easier for the boys to play together, and JD can't just take a toy and run.  O is hot on his heels!

Give that back!
And wobbly new toddler steps are adorable :)

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