Thursday, December 8, 2011

Super Easy Craft for Displaying Holiday Cards

Our Christmas tree-shaped card holder seems to shrink every year, and each year I say that next year I will come up with another way.  Our friends and family send such adorable photo cards, and I need to see those smiling faces as much as possible!  

While wandering the aisles of Michael's for inspiration, I saw these adorable teensy tiny clothespins.  Just the perfect size for holding a card.  I brought them home and used Mod Podge to stick a piece of skinny ribbon to one side (and keep the edges of the ribbon from fraying. You could also use tiny pieces of card stock, but I liked the texture of the ribbon)

They are about the length of a quarter & too cute!
Then I used a long piece of ribbon as a clothesline, and voila!  I spent more time arranging the cards than I did putting it all together.

I hung it across our patio doors and will probably need to hang more across our front windows as we get more cards.
 How do you display your holiday cards?


  1. I see my Christmas card! I won't even tell you what a little thrill I got.

    I'm using regular old unfancy clothespins on a ribbon I tied around the front of my kitchen cabinets (as seen on Pinterest). It's much better than my "tape them to the wall and get super annoyed they keep falling down" method from previous years.

  2. @SuzanneI really need to spend more time on Pinterest. Putting it on the cabinets is BRILLIANT.


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