Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Tip #5: Baby Powder

I love everything about the beach, except dealing with the sticky, sandy mess when it is time to go. I will do anything to avoid getting loads of sand in the car, especially in the car seats.  It's already messy enough back there!  And I like to go to the beach first thing in the morning and stay until nap time, which means the boys fall asleep in the car, and I transfer them to their cribs. Nobody wants to sleep in a sandy bed. 

Hitting the showers on our way out is an option, but then we're all wet again, and drying off and changing is a process that usually ends in at least one of us covered in sand again.

Last year, I learned a great tip for instantly removing the sand from squirmy babies and toddlers: baby powder.  You simply shake it on when you get to the parking lot and wipe the sand off, no matter how sweaty & sticky from sunscreen you are.  

Bonus: everybody smells powder fresh after :)

Do you have a favorite beach tip?


  1. oh my! I never thought of this but you are brilliant! thanks for the tip : )

  2. hi, fellow west babyloner here!

    i had never heard of that, but im going to try it out! im in the Cedar Beach volleyball league and i always hate going to my car afterwards all sandy.


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